Friday Favourites!

I love this weekly prompts list from Something of the Book and hope to participate in as many as I can. I’ll add a link to the ones I manage and strike-through the ones I don’t. My challenge is to have more links than strike-throughs. I have total faith in myself.

January 4: First book in a series

January 11: Epic Journeys

January 18: Old School YA books (YA release before 2000)

January 25: Teacher/Mentor Characters

February 1: Books to re-read

February 8: Fictional Couples

February 15: Confessions of Love

February 22: Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends

March 1: TBR Books (we all have those books on our TBR that we know will be favorites, but just sit on our TBR forever)

March 8: TV Shows to watch when not reading

March 15: Albums or songs to listen to while reading

March 22: Fictional Friendships

March 29: Plot Twists

April 5: Fictional Criminals

April 12: Magic Systems

April 19: Fictional Worlds

April 26: Movie or TV adaptations

May 3: Books to recommend

May 10: Books that were recommended to you

May 17: Things about being a reader

May 24: Diverse Books

May 31: Classic Books

June 7: Urban Fantasy books

June 14: Books set in High School

June 21: Character Deaths

June 28: Books set in Space