Let’s talk serious!

So like many I’m always intrigued about book to movie adaptations. I’m often too critical and I’m a massive pain to watch them with because I will point out every single thing that is different to the book and discuss in great detail afterwards about whether or not various changes were necessary.

For example in Harry Potter:

Blowing up the Burrow? NOT NECESSARY DOUCHEBAGS!!!

Leaving out S.P.E.W.? I understand why this wouldn’t have worked so well in the movies and can see why it was left out.

So I’m a reasonable person. I can see the bigger picture. So why the serious talk you may ask?

Well the serious talk pertains to my most hated of all book things. The reason I won’t pick up some books. The reason I’ve been known to use explicit language while in an airport bookshop.

Movie posters replacing the original covers!!!

I cannot express how much I despise this practice. I can ‘kind of’ understand why it’s done, that whole ‘Look it’s Chris Hemsworth on that there cover I’ll buy this book AND go see the movie! How wonderful that I can picture Chris Hemsworth in the book AND then go see him in the movie in the movie theater where I’ll buy lots of popcorn and eat it while Chris Hemsworth has his top off!’ I’m not a total moron so I get it. It’s all about money and getting bums on seats and it’s great for authors who will see an upshot in sales and they’ll get more money and we all want authors to do well BUT we aren’t all simpletons. Readers especially don’t need to have the movie poster on the cover in order to know that this book has been made into a movie. Put it on the back after the synopsis and if you must, put a sticker on the front BUT DON’T MAKE IT A PERMANENT STICKER OR I WILL CURSE YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!!

And then the worst thing of all, the absolute worst, is when the old cover goes out of print and the movie cover is the only one you can ever get. THIS will make me never read the book. I’m probably a rare unicorn so my stubbornness makes no odds in the grand scheme of things but I hate this pandering and money grabbing shit so much that I don’t care how good the book is I will not fucking read it.  A very nose/face attitude but that’s how much I despise movie covers.

Also, can I just point out that a lot of the time the original cover is much more attractive!!

Let us look:

Original cover is one of my all time favourite covers!
This one enrages me!
I actually LOVE the second one and it’s the copy I own but came with a permanent sticker on it that I didn’t know about until it arrived!
I like Matt Damon but that’s a lot of Matt Damon’s face right there.
The original is just so much cuter!


I hate this movie poster!

There are loads more but I can’t think of them right now! My anger is causing a mental block.

*no Chris Hemsworth’s were harmed in the writing of this rant. I’m not even sure why I picked him.

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