Long time no blog!!


I have been completely absent in regards to blogging. I do have a good excuse though. Laziness! 😀

Also, we bought a house this summer and to say I’ve had the brain capacity for almost nothing is an understatement. At the start of the house buying process (back in November 2018) I thought I’d blog about the experience the whole way through…

Image result for hysterical laughing the office gif

I could barely manage speaking to close friends and family. I was anxiety plus one thousand. It got altogether worse when we walked into our perfect house back in February and spent one month bidding on it and four months trying to close.

So no house buying blog. No blog at all. Very few books read but lots bought and just extreme stress really.

But I am back and I am going to try and blog about lots of things in the coming months because I’m feeling motivated and excited about house and book related things so I hope to be on here a lot more.

Some house and garden photos…


Sitting room and dining room with work in progress!
Pre work in kitchen!
Current reading spot!
Garden in height of summer!
Garden still in height of summer so obviously rain!
New roses!
Next door neighbour!
Library to be!
Pre new shelves!

Everything is a work in progress and our favourite mantra in our house right now is ‘it’s temporary!’ Absolutely everything above is temporary! 😀

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