Friday favourites – Books that were recommended to you!

I have gotten so behind with everything lately and most of it is down to pure laziness. Hit a bit of a speed bump that wasn’t due to my laziness last week but overall my lack of blog posting is down to my preferring to browse for more books, read or just stare off into space.

I have so many blog posts planned. I want to catch up on ‘Friday Favourites‘, post about my Paris and Oxford trips and do a few reviews. I wonder when I’ll get to them? I’m going to be positive and say soon.

So Bookstagram and Goodreads are the business for book recommendations but something that’s rare for me (because I shy away from real life interaction with strangers) is face to face recommendations in bookshops. On my recent trip to Oxford we spent a good chunk of time browsing the famous Blackwell’s Oxford.

What a spot!! Just wow!!

I was finishing up The Broken Earth trilogy on that trip and I could see things were going to get rough so decided to look for something light. Now, I love bookshops but I also hate them because they can be overwhelming. I can never decide what to buy, but the staff in Blackwell’s were amazing and two members raved to me about ‘The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet‘ by Becky Chambers and well I absolutely adored it. So much so that I finished reading it on Monday and started listening to the audio this morning.

Space Opera is my jam. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of my all time favourite books and I felt like this was Hitchhiker meets Star Trek. Was it as funny as Hitchhiker? No. But I did feel that the character development was more rounded and I was more emotionally connected to them. The story never went the way I thought is was going to go and I absolutely adored the relationship pairings.

I’ve since started A Closed and Common Orbit and even though it doesn’t feature the crew of The Wayfarer (supersadface) I’m enjoying it just as much. I really hope it doesn’t wreck me like TLWtaSAP did though.

Also, this series and The Borken Earth trilogy have inspired me to try and read all The Hugo Award novel nominees this year. The Worldcon is being held in Dublin in 2019 and this feels like an ideal time to give reading all the nominees a go. I don’t think I’ll make it to the Con itself though, €260 is a bit too steep for me but I’m happy to just read the nominees because they all sound really exciting.

The list is:

Anyone read any of the nominees? Let me know your thoughts!

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