Friday Favourite: TV Shows to watch when not reading

This is going to be a speedy post. I’m not great with the watching of the TV. This is mostly because my brain thinks it should be reading so rarely allows me to focus on TV for long. My boyfriend hates watching TV shows with me because I’ll watch the first few in a season, enjoy them (even love them) but never want to pick up where we left off. I understand this is frustrating. Feel bad for him!! 😀

I have a few current favourites though:

The Punisher – which has been cancelled and I’m appalled but maybe this means I’ll for sure finish watching it.

Image result for the punisher

Stranger Things – I think all the pop culture references will continue to keep me engaged with this show.

Image result for stranger things poster

The Umbrella Academy – this is new to me, started last week, LOVE IT so far and I’m obligated to watch it because Robert Sheehan. I really want this comic book but can’t find it anywhere. Also learned that the comic book was written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and MIND. BLOWN.

Related image

Derry Girls – Also new to me and it’s hard not to like it especially when you watch it with a Nordie (the boy).

Image result for derry girls

Grace & Frankie – This show gives me actual life. These women are beyond amazing and I want to be a combination of them both when I grow up.

Image result for Grace & Frankie poster

Modern Family – A show I’ve watched from the beginning and wait for every week.

Image result for modern family poster

The Big Bang Theory – If anyone follows me on Bookstagram and happens to watch my stories you may note that this is basically ALWAYS on in my house. I often have it on in the background when reading and it’s my comfort show all other times. I just rewatch it over and over and over and over. I love this show and I’m also obsessed with Kaley Cuoco and her ever growing menagerie. I’m really bummed out that this is the last season but I do like that it’s ending when it’s still good. Nobody wants another Two and a Half Men!!

Image result for big bang theory

The Good Place – Ummm I’ve not watched the new season yet. I will though!! I think.

Image result for The Good Place


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