When I initially started this blog I did plan to review books at some stage but I was always conscious of the fact that I tend to go on a bit and that I really wanted my posts here to be short and snappy.

Therefore I limited myself to my monthly wrap-ups and random book or travel highlights. I’ve decided though, that I do like to be able to look back on the books I’ve read, and although I use Goodreads a lot, it would be nice to have them all on my own space. I’ve also actually started using my NetGalley account and I hope to start reviewing for sites like that and publishers in the future so I think it’s good to start using this blog a bit more.

Now, as I’ve said, I tend to ramble (read above for proof), so I’ve decided to use a template of sorts. I don’t want to share too much about the books I read because if a review gives you the whole story then why would anyone bother to read the book? So I’ve decided to share what I think is helpful when I’m making decisions on what to read. I’ll leave my long rambly reviews on Goodreads where I need them so I can remember what the books I’ve read were about! 😀

So my reviews will look like the following:

What I liked:
What I didn’t like:
Who would I recommend to:

I might add one or two other headings in the future as I may not be able to help myself when it comes to some books.

So I hope they are helpful and I welcome any and all feedback! ❤

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