Friday Favourites: Old School YA books


So I am very, very, very new to YA. I only started reading it in the last 2 years at the urging of a friend who told me I was missing out on some amazing writing because I was being foolish. She did’t say the foolish part but I think it was implied.

I didn’t read YA because I thought that given that being a teenager was so painful and awful reading about teenagers being so painful and awful would be something I’d hate. What I was being was a reading snob and the irony of ironies is that I abhor reading snobs. As someone who often enjoys reading romance I can’t stand uppity know nothings discounting a multi million dollar making genre just because they have decided they are above romance.

Pot meet kettle!

So after I had this revelation I decided to sort myself out and read More Than This by Patrick Ness followed my one of my all time favourite trilogies, The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta, and that was that. I also make sure never to utter the words ‘I don’t read that genre!’ about any genre ever again. So even though I’m new to YA, there is a series that I never even counted as YA because I counted it as life…


Harry Potter! I was 14 when the first book came out and in desperate search of more fantasy of which there was precious little available to me. Witches and wizards filled the gap beautifully. Honestly I think of Harry Potter as being a genre all of it’s own. What has changed for me since embracing YA in general though is that I now embrace my Harry Potter love wholeheartedly. That means funkos and wands and candles and house merch and different editions and being truly happy being an out and proud Potterhead regardless of my age. 😀

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