A Look at November

November was another great reading month, helped along by the fact that books I’ve been saving are coming out to play for the first time. 😀

I’ve been saving Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leah Bardugo for a very long time and November saw me pick up Six of Crows and I was not disappointed. I was told by a fair few people on bookstagram that the audio for these was top notch and decided to read along with it and holy smokes. This full cast audio is one of the best I’ve listened to and that is saying something because I love Stephen Fry!

Seriously, Six of Crows was amazing and is definitely a top 2018 read. Crooked Kingdom was saved for December and has earned a very special place in my heart but I’ll leave that for A Look at December.

I buddy read The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell with my friend Susan in November and while it wasn’t nearly as good as our previous read (The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle) it was very atmospheric and creepy. How anyone thought that Silent Companions were ever a good idea is beyond me. The time jumps and different POV’s in this really helped move the story along and gave it a perfectly symmetrical feeling.

I also had the pleasure of rereading one of my all time favourite trilogies this month. I’m lucky enough to call Aleksandr Voinov a friend and he is relaunching the Scorpions trilogy in late December. They will have beautiful new covers with some minor edits and I was one of his beta readers this time around. Oh my goodness how I loved being back in this world and spending time with my beloved Kendras again.

I’m so excited about these being made available again. They are a wonderful read with amazing characters and world building and a truly beautiful and unexpected love story between two of my all time favourite men. I do love to gush about these books and I really hope that more people read them so I can gush about them to even more people!

I rounded the month off by reading A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi. This was my very first Tahereh Mafi and while I didn’t love it the writing was solid and her voice strong so I know I’ll be picking up her Shatter Me series.

The reason I think I wasn’t mad about this was because it was a contemporary and I just have a very hard time with contemporaries and also I’m not the target audience here and I think sometimes adults reading YA forget that very important fact. I’m all for everyone reading whatever they want to read but I do think that people forget to take the fact that they aren’t the intended audience into account when they are reviewing and rating books but I digress. While I wasn’t the intended audience I did enjoy the story and the main character and I think the book itself is very important as it offers wonderful insights into a culture and religion I myself don’t know an awful lot about and does it by setting it during a very volatile time for people of that faith. I think books like this are so important for lots of reasons but most important is the conversations that could potentially start between young people and the barriers that could come down from just these conversations could be life changing for many. This is what books and reading are all about. Seeing the world through other people’s eyes and gaining a better understanding as a result.

I dressed the way I did not because I was trying to be a nun, but because it felt good—and because it made me feel less vulnerable in general, like I wore a kind of armor every day. It was a personal preference. I definitely didn’t do it because I was trying to be modest for the sake of some douchebag who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. People struggled to believe this, because people struggled to believe women in general.


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