A Look at December

So December was super busy for me and also super distracting but this month was very much a quality of quantity reading month.

I read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo at the start of the month and absolutely loved it. The Six of Crows duology has become a firm favourite and I’m now fully invested in the Grishaverse. I didn’t love The Grisha Trilogy but only because I really disliked Alina and Mal. The world building and other characters were wonderful though and I loved seeing that world grow and the writing of it getting better and better. I’m so excited about King of Scars now. I mean I was always looking forward to it because of Nikolai but after reading the SoC duology I can’t wait for his book.

Crooked Kingdom now also has a very special place in my heart because this was the book I was reading when I finally got my engagement ring. 😀

We actually got engaged on Halloween in Romania but it wasn’t official in my brain until I got the ring and that happened in December.

I hope I get bored of showing it off soon!! 😀

So we did an awful lot of celebrating over the last month and when you add in the Christmas season it’s easy to understand why I didn’t get as much reading done as I usually do.

I did read almost the entire Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer though and I’m in love with it. This was a birthday gift from a friend and I was purposely saving it for the Christmas season. What a series. I love the writing, the world building and almost all the characters and the biggest plus of all for me is the fact that it’s multiple POV. I bloody love multiple POV people!

Quick rundown:

Cinder: 5 stars

Loved Cinder the character. She is kickass and brave but not completely moronic. I like this quality in my heroines. She also doesn’t moan constantly about how unfair her life is. Her life is really unfair so the fact that she just gets on with it is admirable and made her one of my all time favourite characters. I was intrigued by Kai in this and made me excited to pick up Scarlet.

Scarlet: 4 stars

Didn’t love Scarlet the character as she was a bit of a moan but I loved everyone else especially Wolf and Thorne. What wonderful additions they were. Cinder just got better and better in this book. She really is amazing.

Cress: 5 stars

Rapunzel is my favourite fairytale and this retelling did it justice. Cress is amazing and I loved her and Thornes trek through the desert. It was so exciting and terrifying.

Fairest:  3 stars

I liked it but I hate Levana so much that I can’t bring myself to rate it higher. In this we learn that yes, she really is a psychopath and has no redeeming qualities at all.

I’m currently reading Winter and suffering major anxiety as nothing is going right for them but this also makes it very exciting and is one of the great parts of this series. Things go wrong for our protagonists more than they go right!

So December was very exciting!

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