Italy – Day 6

This was our luxury day. We slept in, ate late and spent the day in a beach club spa.

We ate in Libeccio which was a fabulous little mother and son enterprise.

It was a wonderful  way to spend our last day in Italy.

All in all we absolutely loved the south of Italy. We were particularly lucky with the weather. It was glorious but unseasonably cool for that part of Italy. That cool being in and around 26C/80F with a sea breeze. I think we would have really struggled with much hotter temperatures. Our last day there was 28C/82F while it was reaching 33C/91F in Ireland. We Irish are not built for that. I was happy with the lower temperature and the sea breeze. 😀

Our favourite part of Italy is the Cinque Terre and as wonderful and stunning as the Amalfi Coast is it didn’t change our minds about that. We would absolutely go back but there will be a few Cinque Terre trips had before we do.

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