Amalfi Spritz

How fitting that my first recipe post is a cocktail. 😀

I love to make cocktails and I will usually make one or two over a weekend. With summer comes the Margaritas and the Aperol Spritz and after our trip to Amalfi the Amalfi Spritz has been added to the rotation.

Made with Limoncello instead of Aperol it’s super easy to make and incredibly refreshing.


Lots of Ice

Wedge of Lemon

45ml Limoncello

90ml Prosecco

Soda Water (I recommend going with your preferred taste here rather than a specific quantity as some people might like them to be weaker or stronger. A good rule of thumb is about 80ml.)


  • Fill a wine glass or gin glass with ice. (I like to use gin glasses for Spritz as they are big and I can make a bucket of Spritz if I’m feeling lazy.) 😉
  • Add Limoncello
  • Add Prosecco
  • Add soda water
  • Mix in the glass
  • Add lemon wedge
  • Sit somewhere in the sun and enjoy!

(Disclaimer: This is a lazy Tara Spritz. It’s double everything and means I don’t have to make them as often. These work great if you are in the shade and you know you are going to have two.)

Our plan is to make our own Limoncello in the near future because as lovely as these are it feels wasteful to use the gorgeous Limoncello we brought back with us from Italy in cocktails. I’ll share the recipe if the results are successful.

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