Italy – Day 5

This should have been another relaxing day and I had promised that it would be but I couldn’t help myself. I knew we would regret it if we didn’t so we went to Capri for the day and it was a wonderful trip.

We got the boat from Manori to Amalfi and then took a boat from Amalfi to Capri. The boat stopped in Postiano so we got to see that as well.

Capri is beautiful but the best advice we got was to not hang around in the harbor at all and go straight up to the town centre. I made us walk. Not everyone was happy about it. 😀

I rewarded him though. I treated him to lunch in Al Capri with one of the most amazing views ever and truly excellent service.

We also got to witness an Australian couple have a rip roaring row. Let me tell you a story. The guy arrived in the restaurant about 10 minutes after us. He asked the waiter if he had a charger because his phone was only at 2% and he had lost his girlfriend while shopping (Capri is crazy busy so I can totally see this happening) and she wasn’t answering her phone. The waiter told him that unfortunately he didn’t. We had a charging box with us and offered it to him. He was really pleasant and very appreciative.  He had a drink or two, there was an eventual phone call and all seemed calm.

An hour and a half later the girlfriend arrived with a plethora of shopping bags, orders a glass of wine and whispering/hissy fighting follows. She sounds dismissive about the waiting, he is getting irate so starts to get a bit louder, with the louder we hear him call her some pretty horrendous names. At this point I was thinking we shouldn’t have given him the charger. A waiter WHO WAS BUSY DOING HIS JOB and therefore not paying attention to the level of ridiculousness that is unfolding, comes over to take their order, she basically tells him to f**k off.  This makes nobody happy, especially not the boyfriend, it prompts him to get up, pay up and storm out of the restaurant. She finished her glass of wine and proceeded to shock the shit out of everyone and tear into the waiter who took payment from the boyfriend for not stopping him from leaving. This women honestly thought that it was in this poor waiters job description to mediate her dysfunctional relationship. And there ends our tale.

I mean the view was pretty spectacular so we didn’t need the side show but it was interesting/uncomfortable/insightful nonetheless. I think there may have been a pair of them in it.

(Sculpture in Capri) 

We stopped off in Amalfi on the way back to Minori. Amalfi was having a festival. Amalfi was therefore full of people. Amalfi was terrifying. 😀 We were planning on having dinner there that night but we thought better of it and retreated to the safety of Minori.

We went to Ristorante La Botte (it had been recommended by a friend) and I had all the seafood. We also had wonderful bottle of sparkling rosé as recommended to us by our lovely waiter and then we had lots of prosecco and limoncello. It was a great way to end an exciting and busy day.

(A day of seafood, the various types of we had throughout the day, one with a view to remember.)

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