Italy – Day 3

This was the big day.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius was what this trip was all about. Both have been on my bucket list since I learned about Pompeii in school and they really did not disappoint. Pompeii was as crazy busy as you would expect but very manageable.  Our guide told us it was relatively quite because it was a Monday so be sure to pick an off peek time to go so you don’t feel like cattle if you ever find yourself in this part of the world.

We both came away with our favourite things from Pompeii. I haven’t shut up about the roads since we left. They blow my mind. These roads are in perfect condition over two thousand years after the eruption and you can see the grooves worn into the stone from the carts that traveled on them. How long does it take to make grooves in stone like that? How long were those roads there before the eruption? I also loved the stepping stones which were the equivalent of modern day zebra crossings and the fact that these were honest to goodness roads that existed over two thousand years ago and not mud streets. It’s just incredible.

The boy was obsessed with the frescos. The fresco in the dining room of the House of Sirico held his attention for ages as he couldn’t get over how advanced the Ancient Romans were in regards to perspective. When we were in Florence and Rome we saw a lot of pre renaissance art and seeing the frescos in Pompeii once again highlights how progressive the Ancient Romans really were. I liked the inscription on the tile on the floor of the entrance to this house. SALVE LUCRU (Welcome profits!).

I totally missed a trick while in Pompeii and was so engrossed in the tour and the history of it that I forgot to take a picture of Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town by Mary Beard which was in the backpack we carried around. I’m annoyed that I didn’t take the opportunity to take a fairly epic Bookstagram photo but it really shows how riveting the place is.

Mount Vesuvius was incredible and the climb to the summit relatively easy compared to our adventure the day before. The views of the Bay of Naples and surrounding areas were stunning and I loved it up there.

One day I’d like to go back and visit it without being part of a tour and allow myself time to take it all in. We were very rushed for time and we only had about 40 minutes at the summit and because some people on our tour didn’t follow the bus seat etiquette (that being the seats you start the day in are your seats for the day) we cut it down to 30 minutes. Another downside to tour groups. People! 😀

The day was capped off by the discovery of the Amalfi Spritz. A Spritz made with Limoncello instead of Aperol. They are a revelation and have prompted us to look into making our own Limoncello, it obviously won’t be to the Amalfi or Sorrento standard but I think when adding Prosecco and soda water you can afford to have the less than perfect Limoncello and save the good stuff for sipping on after dinner.

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