Italy – Day 1

So I’ve decided to do a little travel diary for this trip. It’s mostly going to be pictures of scenery, food and probably a large amount of Spritz shots if I’m honest. There may also be one or two book photos.

I’m not really sure if anyone reads the blog so this is mostly for me but hopefully someone out there gets something out of it. Italy isn’t too difficult to look at so it shouldn’t be a hardship to have to look at it through my lens. 😀

Our trip started out being a little bit stressful and I wasn’t altogether sure if we’d make it. Air Traffic Controllers in France are currently on strike and we had to fly over France to get here so we had to wait on the runway for an hour for a spot to open up in the limited spots. It was not pleasant and I spent most of the flight worrying that our car wouldn’t be there. There was no need for the worry though as it all worked out. Our driver met us at arrivals and got us to Minori via the scenic drive over the Monti Lattari (Milky Mountains).

A stunning drive that took a little over an hour but was so stunning it felt like half that.

With the delay we only had about an hour of light left when we got to Minori and I needed to eat because I was getting all sorts of hangry. We went to Ristorante Giardiniello and had a fabulous meal of prawns and dried cod followed by the most outstanding tiramisu and limoncello I’ve ever had. The limoncello was SO lemony. It was amazing.

After dinner we went on a little wonder of Minori. My friend described Minori as a blink and you’ll miss it town and she was not wrong. It takes about 4 minutes to walk from one end to the other but there is a lot of beauty packed in to this small space. There is also wonderful street art hidden away!

And lemons absolutely everywhere!

So the first day of our trip started with some stress but it ended with €3 glasses of Prosecco so silver linings! 😂

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