A trip to the Netherlands – part 2

We went to some really lovely places on this trip so I just wanted to share them in case anyone who reads this is planning a trip to Amsterdam in the near future.

We totally spoiled ourselves and that spoiling started with our hotel. We stayed in the beautiful Morgan & Mees. It was a little further out than we have stayed before but everything in Amsterdam is more or less within walking distance so it’s still quiet central. They have a fantastic restaurant that had avocado and poached eggs on gluten free toast for breakfast (not included) and a really nice little bar that didn’t have the cheapest of wines in Amsterdam but the wine list was really good.

Our first day in Amsterdam was around -100 degrees (it’s possible I exaggerate) so too cold to walk about. I dragged himself to the American Book Centre which is worth a visit if you love a good bookshop.

I mean just look at this shelf display!! 😀

We followed me spending money on books I don’t need with lunch in The Seafood Bar and even though they didn’t have Moules Frites the food was fabulous and they also had gluten free bread and really good garlic butter the star though was of course the seafood. Really impressive.

After that we found Bubbles and Wines. They did flights of wine, which was a tasting of three different wines and was lovely and a little different then we walked about 20 steps to The Lobby Nesplein and had cocktails and wine and never wanted to leave.

But leave we did and in the end we were very glad because we had the most amazing steak in Black and Blue.

I seriously recommend Black and Blue if you find yourself in Amsterdam. The steak was just epic.

The next day we may have been a bit fragile so we decided to continued the spoiling ourselves theme. This started with a late start and the late start was made enjoyable due to the fact that the hotel has smart TV’s and we were able to log into Netflix and nurse our hangovers while watching Friends.


This honestly made everything so much better and could possibly be the biggest hotel highlight of my life! 😀

Following a Friends marathon we had the aforementioned avocado and poached eggs on gluten free toast with Bloody Mary’s and we were ready to face the day.

A much warmer day meant we could wander about and we slowly meandered towards the Rijksmuseum which is stunning and worth a visit each time you are in Amsterdam.


The Research Library was my highlight.

We did find ourselves feeling a little shaky after a few hours in a museum though so we made our way to the Ambassade Hotel for drinks in the Library Bar.

The Library Bar has a unique collection of signed books by authors who have all stayed at the Ambassade Hotel: more than 4000 of them.

We spent a few hours here and it was exactly what we needed. So calm and peaceful and surrounded by books while drinking champagne. This is my idea of what heaven must be like.

Hangovers also need fried food so once we left we settled in for a late lunch in Cannibale Royale which may not have been as fancy as the other spots we found ourselves on this trip but lovely and exactly what was needed.

We followed up this wonderful cure with wine in The Dylan Hotel which is a stunning hotel and hotel stay goals.

We did need an early night after all this though so found ourselves back at our hotel for a few drinks and more episodes of Friends.

Two days is nowhere near enough time in Amsterdam if you’ve never been before but if you don’t have loads of stuff to see it’s a nice amount of time and allows you to really indulge. We indulged big time and as a result it was a very memorable trip.

I still haven’t made it to the red light district though.

This is a follow on from A trip to the Netherlands – part 1

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