A look at February

I feel like I totally smashed February. A short month but I got through fourteen books. I participated in my first bookstagram readathon, #25inFive, from the 8th to the 12th February and I think that really focused me. It also didn’t hurt that I finally started A Court of Thorns and Roses and read book two and three during the readathon.

So the big reads this month?

A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury and A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas are my new obsession. I knew before I started these I was going to have a problem and I was 100% correct. What is the problem you ask? Merchandise is the problem. There is unlimited merchandise for this fandom and I’m obsessed with each and every character in these books. See my problem? There has already been an ‘inner circle’ cushion incident. There may have also been an Illumicrate Starfall box incident.

This series is right up my alley, the world is wonderfully fantastical and violent but it is ultimately a love story and that story gave me all the feelings. I adored every single thing about it to be honest. All three books are now on my ‘favourite in 2018’ shelf and they are part of  #TheUnreadShelfProject2018 challenge so that’s three more books off that shelf. If you like your fantasy mixed with romance I totally recommend these books.

As I mentioned last month, I have set a personal challenge to read more poetry. My hope is to read one complete work of poetry each month. This months pick was Don’t Call Us Dead by Danez Smith and it quite honestly blew me away.

I don’t think I know enough about poetry to properly review it but what I do know is that if it punches you in the face while ripping out your heart, makes you feel uncomfortable about a lot of things that should make you uncomfortable but also things that shouldn’t, it’s most likely doing what it’s supposed to do and I think what it’s supposed to do is make you think about all the feelings it causes and perhaps inspire you to change the way you look at certain things.

sometimes a boy is born

right out the sky, dropped from

a bridge between starshine & clay

one boy showed up pulled behind

a truck, a parade for himself

& his wet red train. years ago

we plucked brothers from branches

peeled their naps from bark

sometimes a boy walks into his room

then walks out into his new world

still clutching wicked metal. some boys

waded here through their own blood.

does it matter how he got here if we’re all here

to dance? grab a boy! spin him around!

if he asks for a kiss, kiss him.

if he asks where he is, say gone.

February also saw me attempt to continue buddy reading books with my 11 year old nephew. As I mentioned previously we had a wonderfully successful Harry Potter read. We decided to try The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and my nephew adored it, has raced ahead and is on book four but I’m afraid I’m not sure about it at all. I had some issues with a few ‘bigger picture’ things and I found them too difficult to overcome so as of now I won’t be continuing. I did adore Percy and his voice is so strong and his personality makes him extremely likable so maybe one day I’ll want to give his world a try again and stay a little longer.

So that’s some of my February highlights. All in all it was a super productive reading month and I’m hoping March will be just as successful.

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