The Unread Shelf Project 2018

I don’t love doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I find it stresses me out coming up to the end of the year and if I read less than the year before I start to panic. This is utterly ridiculous. Reading is reading and it’s all about quality not quantity. See I know this. I say this all the time. Except in late November when my anxiety about how much I’ve not read takes over and I start to panic. This ultimately takes something away from the joy I find in reading. Last year I did try not to set a goal and when I eventually did succumb I set it at 52 books. This made absolutely no difference when it came to the November panic. Therefore this year I am not setting one.

This year I will instead participate in The Unread Shelf Project 2018. This is yet another #bookstagram idea and I spotted it on @gretaalisonreads stories this past week. It is hosted by @theunreadshelf@calsreads and @katereadsbooks_and I absolutely love the idea.  It’s exactly as it sounds.  Tackling the TBR that you currently own.

The first thing I did was identify the physical books I want to include for now. I ended up with 40. I wrote all the titles on pieces of card and added them to a jar. I’ll pick a new one each time I finish a book. I’m going to give myself one veto per draw. A good few of the books I’ve added are first in series, the plan there is if I pick a first in series and want to continue with it I’ll keep going and use the jar again once I’m either finished or fancy a change.

The next part was a bit more time consuming. My ebooks. I typically like to read a physical book and ebook simultaneously, it has been getting more and more difficult to pick what I want to read next though, as I’ve always just added the ebooks I buy to a general ‘downloaded-to-read’ shelf and I’ve been doing this since I joined Goodreads in 2012. As a result I had over 800 books on this shelf and most of them were books I was unlikely to want to read in the near future. Cue shelf overhaul. This was not a speedy process but I have narrowed down my ‘downloaded-to-read’ shelf to 82 and I’m not going to lie, I’m only delighted with myself. I’ve added position numbers to these on Goodreads and I’ll use a number generator when I’m due my next read. I’ll again give myself a veto here but if I find I really don’t want to read it I’ll add it to the new ‘million-books-I-own-but-will-never-read’ shelf.

I’m really excited about this challenge and if nothing else it’s forced me to sort out the dreaded TBR. My vision is to read this way until the end of March.

The hashtag for this is #theunreadshelfproject2018

8 thoughts on “The Unread Shelf Project 2018

  1. gretaalisonreads

    I totally understand how you felt with the Goodreads Reading Challenge! It usually doesn’t panic me much, but I do catch myself worrying over it now and then, which really bothers me because, as you’ve said, it takes some of the joy out of it! This year I did still do it, but I set it at 50, half my usual goal. In previous years, I’ve usually done 100 and just barely gone over it, so since I know for sure I will hit 50, I think it won’t be a worry for me? We’ll see! Perhaps I’ll end up following you in not doing one at all for 2019! I love how you included all of the ebooks too. It sounds like it was quite the task!

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    1. I will totally not freak out this year. I will be calm and I will be rational. *I don’t entirely believe this!*

      Thanks for bringing this challenge to my attention by the way. It’s such a good idea and I hope I can stick with it and get lots off my tbr. Those ebooks are killer, far too easy to buy!!

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  2. I love it!!! I’m doing it too. I have 40 physical books and 34 ebooks. I did the ebook shelf overhaul too and basically got rid of most of the ones I got for free. Great idea to create specific shelves. I think I’ll do thatbon Goodreads! 🙂

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  3. I love this idea! I also like to read a physical book and ebook at the same time as I spend about an hour a day on the subway and an ereader is easy to hold if I’m standing. I’ll definitely be participating this year. I have about 40 physical books and probably 70 ebooks. Yikes!

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